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Building Services
Investment Service
We advise and we supply your investment. We provide full construction services!
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Single and multi-family housing. Turnkey houses from scratch
Comprehensive masonry services — ceramics laid with foam, cellular concrete, low-energy single-layer walls
Complex reinforced concrete and carpentry works — ceilings, beams, columns, stairs, walls, etc.
Foundation slabs, traditional foundations — individual handling of projects related to the foundation of buildings
Roofs — comprehensive roofing services, including flat and non-standard roofs
Industrial, technical and specialised construction
Handling industrial and technical investments
Industrial hydro insulation — roofs, foundations, other
Cooperation in investments related to installation of renewable energy installations — wind farms, photovoltaic panels
Handling custom orders in the construction industry
Professional tiling services — comprehensive handling of orders
Installation and processing of large format tiles — comprehensive project handling
Handling projects related to 'quartz sinters'
Mobile machine park for large-format tiles
Tiling and hydro-insulation systems for balconies and terraces
Installation and treatment of natural stone
Installation of stone veneers
Thermal insulation of façades, roofs and foundations
Thermal insulation of façades — comprehensive project management
EPS and wool thermal insulation façade in ETICS systems
Application of thermal insulation PIR board — roofs, foundations, façades
Window joinery, doors, garage doors
Doors for houses and flats
PVC and aluminium window joinery — large-size joinery
Garage doors
Blinds and Venetian blinds
Full assembly service
Interior finishing and renovations — comprehensive service with design
Plastering and painting
Drywall systems — LED systems and decorative stuccowork
Professional tiling services
Demolition works, modernisation
Extensions and adaptations of buildings
Moving with the times, in 2018,
Insulterm developed to include full investment service in the field of service and supervision of domestic and foreign investments.
We advise, we construct, and we supply your investment. We provide full construction services.
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